Sunday, April 24, 2011

The 40 days of Lent are over...

For the past two years during Lent, my hubby and I have "given up procrastination" for lent by writing out a list of projects that we never get around to, and trying to accomplish as many as we can over this time period. I call it 40 Days 40 Projects. Here's how we did this year, below is a list of completed projects:

#3 Make summer camping reservations
#4 Fix Rattling Vent
#5 Put up shelf/towel rack/hook in the bathroom
#9 Paint mirror white in the bathroom
#10 Replace switch covers in the bathroom
#11 Wash and switch shower curtains
#12 New pulls on the bathroom vanity
#13 Hang lights in the bathroom
#14 Paint bedroom ceiling
#15 Re-hang hooks on the back of the bedroom door
#16 New ceiling fan in the bedroom
#17 Remove bedroom TV
#19 Paint bedroom trim white
#20 Drill holes in bed for alarm clocks to plug in
#21 Trim out bedroom ceiling
#28 Put away camping gear
#32 Organize cubby hole
#37 Fix hole behind TV in the red room . *This one is only halfway done, the cover has been painted red a few times, but it's still streaky. We'll do another coat or two and then it will go on the wall.
#39 Paint covers for in the kitchen. *Ditto for #37.
#52 Plants. We've added a large plant to our living room, and gotten two plants for our bedroom. Plants are supposed to help the air quality in your house, and they look nice! Loving them!
#53 Completed today. Edit shelves in the living room.
#56 Plates over the wall in the living room
#63 Kinda done...Get ready for another garage sale. Not that we're totally ready, but all this organizing has helped weed out the things that we can sell in our next garage sale.
#93 Entertain at least once during this time, today, Easter!
#94 Start planning a party. We have officially started planning my Hubby's graduation party; invitations are out, room is reserved, menu is rollin'.
#95 Drop off to Reuse-A-Shoe
#96 Organize/Put away winter gear
#97 Organize under the sink in the kitchen
#99 Move hope chest and organize bedding
#100 Add new handles to camping gear storage

So that's 30 projects (3 of which are in progress), it's not 40, but hey, it's more than last year. And I'm proud of us; with Hubby finishing up grad school and a vacation there was very little procrastination going on around here and that's was the true goal. Yeah us!!!

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