Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This Year for Lent...Another 40 Days, 40 Projects!

So once again, my hubby and I are going to give up procrastinating for lent. We've made up a very long list of projects and tasks we've put off for too long, as well as some activities we've been looking forward to over the winter. Basically, it's a collective list of all those "You know what we should do..." conversations that we've been having for months. 

Lent this year runs from March 9th through Easter, which is technically 46 days, but the 6 Sundays during this time don't count and are, as I understand it, supposed to be like mini-Easters. But we aren't doing this for religious reasons, and truthfully, Sundays are really good days for us to get things done, so we will still be checking off projects on Sundays. Also, I'd like to accomplish 40 projects, that's the goal, but really I'll be pretty happy that we are just making progress and getting things taken care of. 

I hope you follow along during this time to watch our progress! If you look at the tag "40 days 40 projects" you can see what we were able to get done last year; it will also tag all of our "projects" for this year. 

So with that, I am very excited to get started...tomorrow. 

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  1. And we've already got one project down that we completed early: fixing the blinds in the living room!