Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Hudsucker Proxy

So hubby and I watched the Coen Brothers "The Hudsucker Proxy" on Friday night. It was such a fun movie!  The movie came out in 1994, so I can't believe that I hadn't seen the movie yet. The dialog and setting is highly stylized to fit the late 1950's era, which I loved because of all of the vintage clothes and decor. The dialog is also very fast pace. I wouldn't say there are many laugh out loud one liners, but the movie over all is very funny. Since it is now an instant watch on Netflix, I don't see any reason to not give it a watch. 

Also, there are a few connections to "Mr. Deeds" that are kinda fun to watch for: 
1) Source material. According to Wikipedia, the Coen bothers got there idea for the plot from such movies as "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town" which is the same movie the ulta-stupid 2002 Adam Sandler movie. 
2) The Plot. Once you've seen both, the similarities in plot are very apparent....really too many to enumerate here. 
3) Cast. Both movies share Peter Gallagher and Steve Buscemi. Both have much smaller roles in the "Hudsucker Proxy" but both are there for sure! (And let me tell you, Peter Gallagher is looking quite young and sexy!) Also, I can't find out for sure but there is a Texas shareholder in both movies, and I think it may be the same guy. But I luckily haven't seen "Mr. Deeds" lately, so I can't tell for sure. 

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