Sunday, March 13, 2011

#12, #5 and #11...More work in the bathroom

#12 New cabinet pulls for the vanity in bathroom

We found these pulls at Ace Hardware. They match the facets in the shower and sink perfectly and they were about $2 each. Easy to install and they look great!

#5 Put up shelf, towel rack, toothbrush holder, and robe hook

So for this project, the hubby and I had to do something neither of us had ever done before...drill into tile. Now it may not sound hard, and it wasn't really, but it was a little intimidating since there is no good way to patch tile if any mistakes were made. Luckily, there weren't! Another challenge, was marking where to drill once we'd measured out were the holes went. We accomplished this by marking on painters tape since we didn't have anything that would write on the tile. Hubby says the key to drilling into tile is going slow and applying very firm pressure to the drill bit. 

We bought the glass shelf, double towel bar and toothbrush holder from Lowes, along with the two robe hooks, the cost was about $50. We love the way they look, take a look for yourself...

Unfortunately, the toothbrushes we have don't quite fit right, but hey, it's nearly time for new brushes anyways! On the shelf, I'm displaying some of my "finds"; a blue glass hand that I got at a flea market and I put my jewelry on and my round Asian guy I found at a thrift store, I'm not sure what he is supposed to be used for, but I'll use when I burn incense cones. 

#11 Wash, and switch shower curtains. 

Pretty self explanatory. I just thought the solid color shower curtain would look a little better in the bathroom the striped one is now in the downstairs bathroom. Here's a look from the hallway...

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