Monday, March 28, 2011

Bedroom Fix Up

After our trip to Arizona, we had a few days before we went back to work. So what did we do but cross more of our Lenten projects off our list. Since we had a little more time than a normal weekend, we tackled some of our projects in our bedroom. I forgot to take some "before" pictures until after we got started taping and moving stuff around. Kinda weird to post pictures of our bedroom online, but here it goes...

When we first moved in, the Hubby took off about a week to do some work around the house. This bedroom  was actually pink, but I found a green color I liked, and Hubby went to painting. While I was at work, Hubby called and asked where he should stopped painting, and I said just to paint everything green. Its difficult in Cape Cod homes, where there are slanted ceilings, to know where to "stop" painting and what is the wall and what is the ceiling. When I came home to see the Hubby had painted the entire room green--which I had said I wanted--I immediately realized how dark it would make the room look. The room was lightened up a little with a white rug, but two cats and dog later, that white rug is not in the best shape. Since we are not all done in the bedroom, I'll wait to post "after" pictures. But here is what has been completed so far...

#13 Hang Sconces next to the bed

#14 Paint Ceiling in bedroom

#15 Hang Hooks on the back of the door

#19 Paint doors and door trim white

#20 Drill holes in bed to plug in alarm clocks

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