Saturday, March 26, 2011

#97 Clean and Organize under the sink in the kitchen

It didn't take long, which begs the question why I just didn't do it before. I took out everything under the sink, there were a few surprises but mostly it was cleaning products and our recycle bins. We use two recycle bins, one for aluminum, glass, plastic, etc and the other for cardboard and paper products. Under this area was quite dirty with soda splatter and the like. I organized the cleaning products too, and realized a couple of things: 1)Our disorganization leads to waste. When we can't find something, we just re-buy it, as we had duplicates of a few different products and I didn't realized we had some of the stuff that was in there. Organization is good for the soul and the wallet, I guess. 2) I would like to stop buying so many cleaning products and start making more of my own. I very recently started using white vinegar and water as an all-purpose cleaner. These home-made cleaners are more often eco-friendly, pet-friendly, and very inexpensive. I'm going to finish using what I have first, of course, but then would like to start. 

Any suggestions on home-made/eco-friendly cleaners you use at home?

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  1. Hi TLee, I like your blog. I use lots of safe cleaning products that I found through lots of hard research. I also make some of my own and I love baking soda and vinegar (not usually together).

    I found you through a blog we both posted on and was hoping to chat with you about the article we commented on. Can we do that? You can find me at

    This is the blog I'm referring to. Thanks!!!