Sunday, April 10, 2011

Redbox, You're My New Favorite!...The Kids Are All Right

Before last weekend, the Hubby and I had never used a Redbox and now we're all over it!

Last Friday, we watched "Red", then on Wednesday we rented "The Fighter", and then just yesterday we got "The Kids Are All Right". "The Kids Are All Right"--not to be confused with "Everyone's Fine", a 2009 title which I had inter-switched at some point-- is about a long married lesbian couple, their teenage children, and the kids recently found sperm-donor dad. I would say the movie is a positive portrayal of a double mommy family; not positive in an unmarred sort of way, but in a very realistic and "normal" (what the hell is normal?) sort of way. Annette Bening was fantastic, and I can certainly understand why she was nominated for best actress at the Oscars. The entire cast was very good, and the movie was shot very simply, which I really love. The movie is certainly worth the watch and most definitely worth the $1 Redbox fee.

By the way, the movie taught me a new vocabulary word: interloper. I even used it in a sentence today!

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