Sunday, May 1, 2011

If you have some spare time and Netflix Instant...

Two movies we've watched recently on Netflix Instant are Hot Tub Time Machine and North.

The former was completely stupid, yet oddly entertaining. But isn't that the best part of streaming Netflix, who cares if it's a stellar movie or just a guilty pleasure! It's really easy and if you really can't stand what you're watching, just stop and pick another movie. To me, Craig Robinson's character, Nick Webber, was hilarious. The movie isn't overly clever or original, but had a few laughs. And I loved the nods to the 80's movies throughout. (Oh, and John Cusack's love interest, April, is Lizzy Caplan, who played Janis Ian in "Mean Girls"...I had had trouble placing her while watching, so just helping you out in case you have a similar problem.)

The latter movie, North, is a movie from my childhood and I loved rewatching it! If you remember it, definitely watch it. If you never heard of it I would say that it would be a great family movie. The movie has a huge cast with lots of stars, and the plot is lots of fun.

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