Thursday, April 8, 2010

Movie Switch: Lost in Translation

So KW watched Lost in Translation, but I didn't get a star rating from her, only a "I didn't get it."

I think this is just one of those movies, you either love it or hate it; you can either identify with one of the main characters or not; you either care what Bill Murray whispers to her in the end or not. Personally, I love it, identify with Scarlett Johansson's character, and always wonder what he said, but am so glad they don't tell you. Plus, I think the movie is very funny too. I nearly peed my pants during the seen when the escort is sent to his room, and she commands him to "Lip my stockings!" Now, I should add that I saw this movie while briefly living in Japan, making the cultural references hilarious and extremely realistic to me.But regardless, some of the scenes in the movie make me laugh out loud when I watch...most of them with no dialogue in the scene at all.

Also, I think KW would tell you she likes romantic-comedies.Who doesn't? But even though, I just said I thought this movie was funny, I would not consider it a comedy. And though some might argue this, I do classify the film as a romance. However, it is not typical. There is no cliche "get the girl" scene or cheesy passionate kiss set to music or nice, neat, happily ever after ending. In fact, both characters are married to other people, the most affection shown is through resting her pink wigged head on his shoulder at the karaoke box, him touching her foot while lying in bed together, and when he touches her on both shoulders and draws her near as he whispers to her at the end of the movie. And as far as a happy ending, we aren't sure what happens. I'd like to think that both characters to end up happy, but certainly separate.

I love this movie. Everything about it. And I would recommend it to anyone who has not seen it...but beware, there is a pretty good chance you might not like it.

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