Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day Five in Arizona

Day five in Arizona was Tuesday, baby brother's birthday. We spent the morning hanging out, gift shopping at the Honeyman, and other local shops in downtown Prescott. We had lunch at The Palace. It's a very cool place with a very cool history, but the food was average. I had a yummy corn chowder, and description less fish and chips.

Later in the day we went to baby brother's house to make a video letter to other family. It turned out really awesome. We made up interview questions that baby brother later answered, then he got to show the camera around his room, award wall and desk area MTV Cribs style.

For birthday dinner we had spaghetti, then we opened presents. We got baby brother some modeling clay, comic strip shaped paper, Sharpie markers and a ream of paper. He is a gifted artist so we want to encourage his potential. He gave me a self portrait, I will scan it and post it so everyone can see. After gifts and cupcakes we said our good-byes , and headed home to bed because we had to get up so early in the morning to start the long day of traveling. 

This trip to Arizona was amazing, and we hope to go back soon...maybe even to live. We'll see.

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