Sunday, April 25, 2010

Movie Switch: City of Angels

KW's movie pick: City of Angels. Here's the real problem with this movie: Nicholas Cage. I don't buy this guy as a love interest, as an action hero, as a leading man, in general. The soundtrack is good though. I used to have the CD and listen to it all the time, it's now on my IPod, but after listening to the music a lot, this was the first time watching the movie. And I may have even enjoyed it, minus Mr. Cage.

My Pick: Raising Arizona. A movie I actually liked Nicholas Cage in. I think he should stick to being weird, cause he is. Plus, I heart the Cohen brothers!


  1. Hmm, I see to recall you liking it when a certain Peggy Sue Got Married... To Nicholas Cage!

  2. You are right. There are movies I like with Nick Cage...I like when he's weird and/or gawky and/or nerdy. But a hero or heart-throb...I just don't see that. One exception, The Rock, I did like him as the "unlikely hero" in that movie.

    Are you looking forward to watching Gone in 60 Seconds with me?

  3. I agree with you. It was like the early attempts to make George Clooney an action star. He's a great actor, but not an action hero. He is, however, a much better leading man/romantic interest than the Cage.

    As for 60 Seconds, queue it up!