Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day Three is Arizona

Day three in Arizona was last Sunday, and was a day of travel. We picked up baby brother and headed to Sedona. Baby brother and I went to Sedona last year and went on one of the many jeep tours there. This year I wanted to go back so that Hubby could see some of the most beautiful American country-side EVER. We thought this year it would be fun to hike around Sedona, and we decided on the Boynton Canyon Trail.

Boynton Canyon Trail was marked as easy, and by Sedona standards it might be; but by flat Illinois standards, these out-of-shape legs would say it was more difficult that it's easy status. Regardless, the trail was beautiful. The first section of the trail ran along a fancy pants resort and through the red rocks. As the trail declined into the valley, the trail became more shady, flat, and scenic.

After hiking for the better part of the morning and into the early afternoon, we were tired, thirsty and very hungry. We decided to head to the mountain town of Jerome for some food. The drive was quick, and we were surprised to see how crowded the little town was; the streets were full of people, music was being played inside many of the shops as well as out on the streets. The town was adorable but we were on a mission to get some lunch. We decided on Haunted Hamburger. We chose the place based on it's kitchy name, but we were more than pleasantly surprised to find that the food was delicious! According to my baby brother it was the best cheese burger he ever ate. I would have to say it was up there for Hubby and I too. The other awesome thing about the place is the outdoor seating with a dope view all the way to Flagstaff. 

After a winding and snowy drive back to Prescott, and quick stop by the Motor Lodge for a shower, we were off to see the movie "How to Train Your Dragon". Now this a movie that would not have been on my "must see" list unless baby brother wanted to see it, but it was actually quite cute. The Nordic Viking setting was interesting; the underdog main character, Hiccup, was relatable; and, yes, it made me want to get a dragon of my own. 

After this fun-filled day, it was time for bed because we were all exhausted. zzzz...zzz...zzz...zz

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