Sunday, November 28, 2010

Buying for Baby this Christmas Season

So I've been searching around the internet for Christmas gift ideas and came across some nifty gifties. Since the holidays are upon us, and everyone is looking for great gift ideas, I'll post some of the cool stuff that I've found as possible gift ideas for others. (No spoilers here, if you are on my Christmas list, I won't be purchasing any of these this year.) This post will be all baby gifts. 

Ridiculously Cute Shoe Socks from Uncommon Goods
Set of 6 for $24 plus shipping
So from what I understand, shoes are kinda pointless for the kiddos, but these little socks are absolutely adorable! They come in a cute box and lots of different styles, click here to check them out!

Baby Tool Set from Uncommon Goods
Organic Toolbox for $34 plus shipping
A cute container and plush, washable, organic-fabric tools, what more can you ask for? To see more about them, click here.

Have you come across any cute gift ideas for babies? Please share, cause I've got a few babies on my Christmas list this year. 


  1. These are really cute!

  2. Did you see this!? It's awesome. I wanna bulldoze my peas.

  3. Oops, did I forget the link?