Monday, October 4, 2010

More Doggy Fun

So this past weekend, the hubby, pup and I went to two more dog parks; on Saturday we went to Independence Grove Dog Park and on Sunday we went to Duck Farm Dog Park. Nola Belle is loving all this activity, I feel bad we didn't explore these dog parks all summer. All three parks are great. The pond at Independence Grove is awesome and the pup was all about swimming despite the cooler weather. We always thought she'd enjoy swimming, but she was too distracted at Prairie Wolf last weekend. The dog park is mostly wooded with trails all around the pond. Duck Farm was also very nice; mostly open fields with low grasses and mowed paths. We brought our tennis racket and some tennis balls and bopped them all over the park with Nola bounding along after them.

After going to the three closest parks, personally, I would rank them 1) Prairie Wolf 2) Independence Grove 3) Duck Farm. I love the prairie grasses and flowers at Prairie Wolf, along with the large open areas and nice swimming spot. Independence Grove is awesome for Nola to go swimming and has some great trails, it does not however have a doggy drinking fountain. The largest negative to Duck Farm is the lack of water (though there was a fair amount of mud), but for us it is the most conveniently located so I am sure it will get a lot of use by us! My hubby ranks them 1) Independence Grove 2) Prairie Wolf 3) Duck Farm. I think he really liked the wooded shady paths at IG.

If by some stretch someone from the Lake Country Forest Preserve reads this, please know I love your dog parks, so please please please consider making on in Northern Lake maybe by Van Patten Woods, just a suggestion. I would use it all the time!! Thanks!

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