Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dog Park Fun

So today we tried out Prairie Wolf Dog Park. What an awesome place.
The park was full of people and dogs on this nippy fall day; everyone was out to enjoy themselves. We've visited the Lake County Forest Preserve with our pup before, but to parks where she was required to wear  a leash. These trips have always been fairly pleasant, except for the doggy pulling on her leash, barking at bikers, and a very thirsty puppy. However, at the Prairie Wolf, the pup got to be off her leash which she loved, and they had a drinking fountain at her height. What's even better is the park is absolutely beautiful making great for the people too. And what's great!!!...there is a large pond for the dogs to swim in too. Our pup was not so fond of the water, but it was a great area, and I hope she's braver the next time we go. It was a great day at a great park. Next time I think we will try the Independence Grove Dog Park. I am so happy to live in a county that has such a nice park system. New wish: a Lake County Forest Preserve Dog Park in Northern Lake County.

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