Monday, March 29, 2010

the motor lodge

So if you are ever in Prescott, Arizona, or around Prescott, Arizona, or want to make a destination out of Prescott, Arizona, stay at The Motor Lodge. Upon driving up you are welcomed by the chic, retro color palette of green and orange. Park your car outside your room and check on in. You'll be greeted by your friendly hosts, and given a drink (now that you're off the road).

We checked into room #11, one of the "standard rooms". The rooms are cozy and quaint with more retro charm. Our room had a nice big bed with two end tables, a chair, dresser, TV, closet; a bathroom with a stand up stall shower; and a bonus room that is kitchen like, with a small fridge and coffee maker (with yummy stuff to make coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

The fact of the matter is they do it right here. Friendly service. Kitch, yet stylish decor. And nice soft toilet paper. If I had to list one negative, it would be the shower*. They have lovely rain shower heads that come from the cool, right. I was ultra excited when I saw them, but in taking the shower it was a disaster...drowning, soap in my eyes, the whole deal. It really comes down to, awesome shower head, wrong size shower. But please believe this small matter had not swayed my overall opinion one bit. This place rocks! Plus, they brought us fresh baked cookies to our room yesterday...and you know how I feel about cookies. If I wasn't sold before that evening snack, that sealed the deal. 

Prices here are reasonable. We ended up paying about what we would have at the Days Inn or Super 8 down the road, for more style and similar amenities (plus some bonuses like sweets). I highly, highly recommend this place.

*Moving the shower head towards the wall did help a bit. Now I have no negatives to state. Like I said before, the place rocks my socks!

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