Sunday, March 14, 2010

#41: Compost old beer.

First of all, there are over 40 thinks on my "40 days 40 projects list" because there are over 40 things I have put off doing...once I started a list I just kept going. We are going to try and get to 40 projects over lent, it just might not be the first 40 I listed.

Secondly, I feel I need to explain my reasoning for throwing out beer. You see for the last two Labor Days we have held rather large BBQs. The first year it was VERY hot and though we had bought tons of beer and people had brought some of their own, we ran out and had to make a beer run during the party. The second year, we were determined to not run out, so we got more beer. But for whatever reason--the cooler weather, less beer drinkers, whatever--we had LOTS of left over beer. So we put it in our beer fridge, and invited people over the next few weekends afterwards. We even brought beer with us when we went to others houses! But we never got rid of all that beer. So today, with the sun shining, I dumped several cans of beer into our compost pile (along with some decaying fruit from the kitchen, lint from the dryer, and puppy poo from the yard). Now our basement is clear from expired drinks, and our compost pile got all hopped up on beer.

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