Saturday, December 31, 2011

So here's what I've been watching over my vacation...

So as many of you know, we do not have anything besides basic cable; well that except Netflix and now On Demand, which is more than enough for us.

Here's what we've been streaming...

*More of The hilarious I can't even stand it.
*Hubby has finally come around to Parks and Recreation
*And the stand by for a while now, 30 Rock
As for On Demand, I've been watching a lot of the following...

*American Pickers...I've gotten past how annoying the guys are just love watching what they find.
*Cash & Cari...Love the estate sales and especially love the refurbishing.
*Hairy Bikers...I kinda want to love this show more than I do. I love the travel part for sure.
*American Restoration...with the restoration team from Pawn Stars

So that's it. But I'm looking for other recommendations too. We're done with the available League, Parks and Recreation, American Pickers, Cash & Cari, and American Restoration. I noticed Mad Men is on Netflix Instant now, anyone like that one?

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