Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What I've Been Watching on Netflix Instant Lately

1) The League...oh my goodness so hilarious! Only the first season is up right now, but it has me hooked. I nearly peed my pants watching this show before.

2) American Pickers...the guys are a little annoying but I love the junk they find.

3) Cash in the Attic...similar to Pickers, but British and kinda slow moving. I still like it though.

4) Clean House...watching a show about cleaning and organizing is so much more fun than doing it ;)


  1. +1 on the league. so good. season 2 gets better with the addition of Ruxin's cousin Rafi. You should pick up Game of Thrones, ridiculously good.

  2. Is Game of Thrones on Netflix Instant? Either way I'll look it up. I'm gonna finish up a few series, then start Mad Men! You've watched that, right, Gabe?