Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bathroom Facelift: Paint and Lighting

Since buying our house in 2006, we have painted every room with the exception of the bathroom...that is until we got the idea to give our tiny bathroom a little facelift. Now all of the rooms have been painted (some more than once!) For the first part of upgrade, the walls and ceiling color went from a green color (a cross between lime and mint, it was never my favorite) to a nice clean white. Check out the difference...

From the Hallway: Before

From the Hallway: After

Sink Area: Before

Sink Area: After

Shower Area: Before

Shower Area: After

Besides painting, we also updated the sconces next to the mirror. While all the other finishes in the bathroom (and most of our house) are silver, the previous sconces were gold. Yuck! We got these cute silver ones for about $20 each at Lowes.



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