Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Clean up

First off, I've decided to write more often on this blog. There are certainly things that make me happy everyday, so why not share them.

One thing that made me really happy today, was cleaning and organizing our bathroom. I went through all my make-up, toiletries, and jewelry. The stuff I kept was better organized in the medicine cabinet, under the sink, and in our linen closet in the bathroom. The stuff that I no longer needed or wanted was separated into two piles: half-empty, expired, yucky stuff and unopened stuff that I did not want. The half-empty, expired, yucky stuff was either dumped out and the bottle recycled or thrown away. The unopened stuff was mainly comprised of gift sets, since lotion and perfume seem to always be stand by gifts to women. I put the unopened stuff in a box and am going to donate it to A Safe Place for women; on their wish list for the battered and abuse women is jewelry, perfume, bath products and toiletries.

With the extra space made from cleaning out so much stuff was able to make space for all of our over-the-counter drugs and first aide products. This is awesome because it has made room in our over crowded pantry. Maybe the crowded pantry should be the next project?

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